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Cycling sunglasses are a must-have item for any cyclist, whether competing, training or simply having some fun. Not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays and enhance visibility in dim or changing light conditions, but they also offer an optimal fit that won't slip or slide during activity.

Oakley offers an impressive selection of frames, lenses and technologies to accommodate all riding styles. Some even feature Switchlock technology so you can quickly swap lenses based on your environment.


Oakley are one of the world's best known cycling brands, offering high-performance levels of protection in their frames. These features include condition-specific lens tints to reduce glare, shield from debris and enhance visibility during changing or difficult light conditions.

In addition to their wide selection of lenses, Oakley also provides frame styles tailored for specific face shapes and sizes. Some frames are adjustable so they fit wider faces while others feature nose pads designed specifically for smaller faces.

The Jawbreaker is an iconic Oakley design that has endured over time and performs admirably in all seasons. It comes with various lens and frame combinations, but our test model was cycling specific with a Prizm Road lens which enhances colour and contrast for improved visibility when cycling in changing conditions.

These sunglasses feature Switchlock technology, allowing you to swap lenses based on the lighting conditions you are riding in. Oakley's classic Unobtainium earsocks and nosepads keep these sunglasses securely on your face even when sweaty or wet.


When it comes to cycling sunglasses, Oakley is undisputedly the leader. Established in 1975 by James Jannard in his garage, the brand has become renowned for its superior lenses and frames.

Their wide range of lenses is engineered to deliver exceptional clarity and definition, offering performance that cannot be topped. These include HDO lens technology, polarized and iridium options that help shield your eyes from UV rays while also boosting contrast and colour saturation.

Certain lenses are particularly ideal for outdoor activities like running or walking, offering an enhanced field of view and enhanced visibility in low light conditions. This is especially true of larger Prizm road lenses available on some more expensive frames.

Some frames also offer photochromic lens options, which allow them to adapt to changing light conditions like early morning and evening rides. Although more expensive than some of the standard options, these provide excellent visibility in both sunny and stormy conditions.


Cycling sunglasses offer plenty of adjustability, which is ideal for getting them close to your face and providing adequate wind protection. Some features like adjustable nose pads and arm pieces allow for customized fitment.

Some frames feature an adjustable 'adjustable rake' on the arms that allows you to tilt them closer to your cheekbones for a custom fit. You can also select lens type, color and frame/nose pad combination.

Cycling sunglasses should always include a world-class lens, and Oakley offers some of the finest lenses available. Their PRIZM lenses enhance colour and contrast by altering light spectrums - making road details easier to distinguish.

The 'Kato' range of super-hero style glasses boast some serious design cues, with their flared lens around the nose bridge giving them a striking appearance. These are suitable for multiple sport categories that may involve helmets and come in eight lens/color combinations.


Cycling sunglasses should be comfortable, stay on your face, and won't move around while riding. Many have adjustable arms and nosepieces that allow for customized fit; others feature rubber contact points which keep them in place even when sweating heavily.

Oakley lenses are renowned for their clarity, which helps reduce eye strain and fatigue during extended wear of the glasses. Furthermore, they enhance colour and contrast in difficult or changing light conditions - making it easier to discern details on roads, trails, or even in low light situations.

Oakley's Jawbreaker cycling frame is one of the most sought-after models, boasting a high up frame that sits comfortably on your face without interfering with vision. They come with various lens options including Prizm and Polarised coatings which enhance lenses in certain light conditions.


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