Oakley Golf Sunglasses

If you play golf frequently and want to protect your eyes from UV rays, consider investing in a pair of oakley golf sunglasses. Not only do these stylish high-performance glasses provide eye protection, but also offer other features to help keep you focused on the game.

O Matter(tm)

Oakley utilizes a patented Nylon composite in their O Matter(tm) frames. This plastic material is lightweight and flexible, yet strong enough to withstand the knocks and bangs that come with an active lifestyle.

O Matter lenses offer UV protection, refraction and high definition optics to deliver sharp visual clarity in all lighting conditions. You can customize these lenses according to your prescription needs with a photochromic lens that darkens automatically in response to changing light levels.

Oakley golf sunglasses with Prizm lenses feature enhanced color and contrast for greater clarity on the course. These lenses are especially helpful on greens and fairways, allowing you to see subtle details like grass, fringe and rough that may otherwise be lost in a blur.

If you're in search of a new pair of Oakley golf sunglasses, our top pick is the Flak 2.0 XL. This half-lens design boasts O Matter materials and Unobtanium nose pads for enhanced grip when sweating or getting your sunglasses wet - keeping them secure throughout your round on the course.


Oakley's Prizm(tm) technology optimizes the light spectrum to enhance certain wavelengths of color and contrast for specific sports. It works similarly to a performance lens on sunglasses, but specifically tailored for activities requiring precise vision in varying light conditions.

Golf is no different, so the PRIZM(tm) Golf lens optimizes textures, colors and light conditions for an unparalleled experience on the course. It increases contrast between greens, fairways, fringe and rough to help you gauge distance accurately with increased depth cues.

Don't just limit yourself to greens--Prizm(tm) lenses are also perfect for other activities like skiing and mountain biking. Skiers require the ability to discern subtle changes in snowfall or ice on particularly bright days.

Mountain bikers need to be able to detect hazards in the dirt, such as roots and rocks, quickly. Specialized lenses help them see the terrain better so they can react safely and quickly when necessary.


No matter if you're an expert golfer or simply searching for the ideal sunglasses to wear on the course, Oakley golf sunglasses have got you covered. Their Prizm(tm) lens technology helps enhance vision in various lighting conditions.

The Prizm(tm) Golf Lens features color-matching technology to magnify shot details. Plus, its HDPolarized(tm) lens technology reduces direct sunlight exposure for improved eye comfort.

Unobtainium(tm) is a rubber material commonly found on sports frames' earsocks and nose pieces to provide optimal grip even in humid conditions. This feature will keep your frame from sliding around while you're ready to hit the ball with confidence.

For the ideal golf sunglasses, Oakley Flak 2.0 XL is your top pick. Its High Definition Optics(tm) technology surpasses testing standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute and makes it suitable for use in medium light conditions.

The Fit

Golf sunglasses are essential if you want to maximize your time on the course and enhance your game. Not only do they shield your eyes against harmful UV rays, but they also enable you to see where your ball will land and the shape of the greens. With them, you'll never miss a shot again!

Oakley golf sunglasses are the best at helping you do just that. Their PRIZM lens technology enhances contrast and color perception, making it easier to track your ball's path as it travels through the air.

These sunglasses feature Unobtanium material on both the nose pads and ear socks to provide extra grip when sweating. This ensures your glasses remain securely in place so you don't lose them during a hot day of golf!

These frames are constructed from Grilamid TR-90, an extremely strong yet lightweight frame material. Additionally, their tacky texture helps them remain on your face even when you're moving around.


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