Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley polarized sunglasses are the ideal choice for snow and water sports enthusiasts. Their lenses block out sunlight and UV rays, helping reduce glare.

Oakley sunglasses are renowned for their durable and comfortable construction. Plus, the company offers an array of frame options and lens colors to choose from.


When searching for new eyewear, it's important to take into account the lenses that go with your chosen frame. You have a range of tint colors available which can enhance visual contrast and clarity in different lighting conditions.

Oakley also offers polarized lenses that reduce glare from water, snow and other surfaces. Not only that, but these polarized lenses also block UV radiation your eyes receive from sunlight rays - helping prevent eye diseases and other vision-related conditions.

If you need something a bit more durable, Oakley offers polarized lenses coated with Iridium--a mirror coating that blocks 100% of UV rays. They can be worn as everyday sunglasses and offer more protection than standard polarized lenses do.


Oakley offers an impressive range of frames to choose from, including super sporty wraparound styles in full-rim or semi-rimless frames. Additionally, they have some stylish fashion frames that look cool but boast superior Oakley technology.

Polarized lenses block sunlight from reflecting horizontally off objects or water, decreasing glare and improving visibility.

If you're in search of sunglasses that will keep your eyes protected from the sun, Oakley polarized glasses are an excellent option. They come in various colors with advanced lens technology and provide 100% UV protection.

These sunglasses are an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers who want to stay protected from harmful rays. With a range of sizes available, you're sure to find the perfect fit. Plus, these lightweight and durable glasses will last through many adventures with ease.


Prizm lenses offer an advanced color and contrast technology to maximize detail visibility in all kinds of lighting conditions, from fishing to mountain biking and golfing. No matter the environment, these lenses can be used for all sorts of activities like fishing, mountain biking or golfing - whatever works best in your eyes!

Prizm golf lenses are specifically designed to bring out the distinction between greens and yellow grass, as well as to enhance shadows on the course.

Prizm lenses not only improve color and contrast, but they also shield your eyes from UV rays. This differs from polarized sunglasses which simply block out UV light.

They accomplish this through a revolutionary new process that keeps your eyes healthy and shields them from damaging UV rays.

Oakley offers two styles of Prizm lenses: Everyday and sport-specific. The Everyday series is ideal for everyday activities, while the sport-specific lenses are tailored specifically for certain sports or conditions.

UV protection

Oakley polarized sunglasses provide complete UV protection by filtering out the sun's harmful rays, which can lead to eye-related issues like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Polarized lenses not only block UV rays, but they are excellent at cutting down on glare caused by light reflection off shiny surfaces like water or pavement.

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, polarized sunglasses can enhance visibility. By decreasing glare, you will be able to see more clearly and reduce the risk of eye fatigue.

Oakley polarized sunglasses feature photochromic technology to automatically darken and lighten in response to changes in sunlight. This helps the lenses adjust according to conditions while blocking out 100% of harmful UV rays.


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