Oakley Sport Sunglasses

If you're a serious athlete, the best sunglasses for the job are essential. Selecting an unsuitable pair can cause eye injury, headaches and painful facial skin chafing.

Oakley has designed sport-specific eyewear that can handle your muddy running tracks and steep trails. Plus, their proprietary frame materials keep their glasses in place while offering lens options tailored to suit different sports.

High-definition optics

Elite athletes or those seeking sun protection will find Oakley HDO lenses provide superior clarity and protection. Tested to meet or exceed American National Standards Institute performance standards - which serve as the gold standard in eyewear design - these lenses offer unmatched safety and performance.

Photochromic technology is also available with these lenses, which darken and lighten automatically in response to changing light conditions. This helps you adjust without straining your eyes or compromising visibility.

Plutonite(r) lens material

Oakley sport sunglasses use Plutonite lens material that shields your eyes from 100% UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Furthermore, it's the only lens to block out all 380nm blue light which is hazardous to eyes.

This premium plastic boasts superior optical clarity and scratch resistance, as well as photochromic performance. Furthermore, it's resistant to chemical exposure, water and oil.

Plastic lenses, often found in lower-priced novelty and consumer sunglasses, can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe away debris from both front and back of lenses for thorough cleanup.

Oakley sunglasses offer superior protection, stunning aesthetics and a comfortable fit on a range of face sizes. Their materials boast cutting-edge innovation combined with classic style.

O Matter(tm) frame material

Oakley's O Matter(tm) frame material was specifically engineered for sport sunglasses, providing the ideal balance of flexibility and strength without sacrificing durability. This nylon-infused plastic is 25% lighter than acetate yet twice as strong and heat/cold resistant - perfect for active lifestyles that demand reliable sunglasses that won't break down over time.

This frame is designed with a three-point fit system to evenly distribute weight between the temples and nose bridge, helping reduce pressure points and discomfort. Plus, its silicone nose pads provide added comfort.

This lightweight rimless frame is designed for high-performance tennis players who prioritize their game. The inside of the nosepads and temple arms are coated in Unobtainium, which becomes tackier when wet to provide grip and keep your glasses in place during your round.

Unobtainium(tm) grip

Oakley developed Unobtainium(tm) grip, an innovative material designed to increase your sunglasses' grip on face. It also prevents them from sliding when sweating - which is often the case when wearing sunglasses during sports activities.

Unobtainium(tm) nosepads and temples are constructed with a special type of rubber designed for comfort and security. Additionally, this material improves your sunglasses' grip when wet - an issue when using these frames during activities like skiing or snowboarding.

PRIZM(tm) Polarized lens technology

Prizm lenses enhance specific wavelengths of color for improved contrast, detail and glare reduction. Plus they offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from damaging UV rays.

Polarized lenses block sunlight to reduce glare from smooth surfaces like water or roads, protecting your vision from being impaired by glare - particularly useful when wearing sunglasses.

Oakley's PRIZM(tm) Polarized Lens Technology eliminates glare so you can see clearly, react quickly, and perform at your best. They also enhance the quality of your visual experience by picking out small details to help make split-second decisions.


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